Rian Flynn, Actor

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A Boston-based actor, Rian has played leading theater roles such as Fefu in Fefu and Her Friends and Martha in The Misunderstanding. With a Bachelor of Science from MIT in Physics and Theater Arts, they bring the focus and discipline of a scientist to their creativity and artistry. While at MIT, they worked with OBIE-award-winning directors Jay Scheib and Andrew Schneider and trained under Anna Kohler, David Gammons, and Keely Eastley.

Fluent in Mandarin Chinese, Rian has played the role of Robert in the Chinese-language play Who Killed Robert (誰殺了羅伯特). An avid musician and singer, they have played the violin for 16 years and also play piano, guitar, and ukulele. They look forward to bringing their acting skills to professional equity theaters, as well as film and TV.


Rian Flynn in Fefu and Her Friends

Fefu and Her Friends

Rian Flynn in The Silence

The Silence

Fefu and Her Friends

November 2020

A virtual theater-yet-cinema live-streamed performance, directed by Jay Scheib at MIT. Starring Rian Flynn as Fefu, the production featured eight actors performing remotely in real time, brought together on screen by real-time effects processing.

The Silence

December 2019

Theater and live cinema intersected in Jay Scheib's signature style as he re-envisioned Ingmar Bergman's landmark film from 1963. The work-in-progress performance featured Rian Flynn as the on-stage camera operator.